Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our very special Valentines Day

Last night we were able to watch our niece Brooke and nephew Cameron while their parents went our for their early valentines dinner. Cameron loved our dog Mimi while Brooke was scared of her. Cam was petting her and giving her kisses which was really cute. We watched half of Ratatouille and then went to the mall and got dinner at Chick Fil A and came home and watched most of Finding Nemo. Brooke had lots of fun playing with Brett in the play house and Cam slept for most of the time and then was amuzed by the jack in the box toy that we found for him.

Today we woke up and got ready and had Ernies for breakfast. Brett got me flowers and wrote me a beautiful poem for valentines day.

Then we headed up the Salt Lake. We actually stopped at a car dealership at the auto mall and almost bought a car... Mandi and Adam were able to trade their car in for a newer bigger car for the same monthly payments and we decided that if we could trade our car in and get a small SUV (Honda Pilot) for the same monthly payments then we would do it. It almost worked out for us. The monthly payments were going to be a little high and so we want to keep looking.

After that we went to The Living Aquarium. It was really cool. I love places like that... Anywhere you can take me that has animals I am sure to love.

We had planned to go to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and figured that since we were done by 3:30 at the aquarium that we would be able to get in and eat at a decent time. We got there and there was a 2 and a half hour wait. So we decided to go try to get in to The Mayan. Brett has been to somewhere like it before. I had never been there. It is a Mexican restaurant that is like a jungle setting with trees and such. It also has a show where people jump off these cliffs into the water while we were eating. It was really cool. The food was mediocre but the show and the whole atmosphere was awesome. I'm really glad we went.

So we had a good "Love" day together. I love you sweetie- you are my everything.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Project

I have finished my project for the month. I got the idea from something I saw at Roberts. I got wood frames and stretched canvas around them and painted them black. The blocks are frames with canvas wrapped on them too. The rest was done with scrapbook paper and metal embellishments. It was fun to make. BRett is really artistic so he helped with placement of the pictures and it turned out great. THey are now hanging above our bed.