Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Job... Moving!

Story of Brett finding a new job.... Sorry its a bit long and there are no pictures. I don't do this often. If you just want the bullet points, you can go to the end :)

One day at work, Brett got an email from the CFO of a company asking if he was interested in a job working right under him. He sent some info about the job and it sounded interesting and the most appealing thing was that the office is in Lehi and that would finally get us back home to Utah County. He told the guy that he may be interested and the next day talked to the guy over the phone  about the company and the job then he asked Brett if he was still interested and Brett said that he was. A week later, Brett went down to Lehi for a formal interview. The guy had narrowed it down from 13 people that he found/ talked to down to 3 that he was interviewing that day. Brett thought the interview went well. He was supposed to find out before the next evening if he was selected or not. 3 days later, we assumed that he did not get it cause we didn't get a phone call. I was so disappointed. Brett tried to call the guy but no answer. The next day Brett got a phone call from the CFO. He apologized and explained that there was an emergency that he was dealing with and he put this to the side for a couple days. He then gave Brett the job offer. Finance Manger of 2 companies- one a US branch of a huge Malaysian company called Cosway that has been in the US for 4 years and the other, a start up that is being integrated into the worldwide Malaysian company. Both with huge potential to be really big and successful companies. He offered him a 40% pay raise from what he was making and a signing bonus to pay back his current company because they paid for him to get his CPA and he didn't end up staying the required amount of time to not have to pay it back. He obviously accepted. He called me and I was at the grocery store with Savannah and Judson. By this time, I had fully accepted and was getting over the disappointment and sadness of not getting the job. He asked me if I was sitting down- "no I'm at the store" He told me about the call and the offer and I started crying in the middle of the store. I was SO happy!

There was a catch. The big wig guy from Malaysia was in the county and Brett would need to go out there for 3 weeks to spend some time with him and learn how things work there. His first day on the job was driving to the airport and flying to Orange County which is where the Cosway office currently is located. He really had little information about his duties and the CFO wasn't flying there until 2 days after e got there. He flew down with the company's lawyer and then headed over to the office. He was surprised when he found that he was "the guy" when he walked in. He was taking over for the guy who ran the entire department and he was jumping head first into his position with no training. The guy he replaced was there for half and day and never even talked to Brett. Malaysia was less than impressed with how he had run things for the last couple years and was excited to get Brett in there and change up some procedures and make things run smoothly.

3 weeks has turned into 5 and 5 will turn into till the end of May. At least they are flying him home on the weekends and I even got a 4 day weekend with him this week. Being a single mom is not an easy task I have found. But, I am managing and finding some independence so it has been good for me in some ways. But I miss my husband desperately and I hate going to sleep alone. But it will all be worth it in the end.

The plan is that he spends time down there and learns each person's job in the finance department (there were 5 or 6 when he got there), complete the annual audit in May then he has to fire the people there, come back to Utah and hire a whole new team to work under him. He doesn't have experience being a boss but he is doing great and has the respect of his team.

The lease on our house is up at the end of May but we put it up trying to get someone to take it earlier so I could be closer to home while he is gone and then have a short commute when he comes home. Our move out date is in 10 days.

My mom's basement apartment just happened to be available April 1st. So, our plan is to move my big family into a small 1200 ft apartment for the summer while we house hunt for a house to buy or build. But I will be so close to my mom and the kids will have a nice backyard to play this summer.

 We are excited for the new adventures that are coming for us.

Bullet points for those with less of an attention span :)

- Brett got headhunted for a new job and beat out everyone for the job
-Its a great opportunity that will move us back to Utah County to be close to our families, with a 40% pay raise ;)
-He is the finance manager of 2 companies- working directly under the CFO 
-He is currently flying to California during the weeks to work at the current office that he will eventually fire the people there and hire new people here to work under him
-We are moving in 10 days
-we are going to be living in my moms basement apartment for the summer till we can find a house to buy or build


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Judson's 6th month!!

 My baby turned 6 months! He is growing so fast. He is eating rice cereal, babbling, loves atching people having conversations, has grown out of his 0-3 month clothes. He is now in the 30 something percentile. 15 pounds! laughs at his sisters, loves songs, still loves to play with his tongue and spit. He is so special to our family! What a handsome baby!

Best Buddies!

Likes tummy time

Cool Kids

Loves his mommy

My kids are beautiful!

Started eating rice cereal this month- messy



Khloe in the pink to and black pants

Anavy on the bar


We put all three of the girls in a 6 week gymnastics class at a local place. They have loved it so much. They have been so brave and have improved so much. We will have to find a permanent class for them.