Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon/evening in bed-- sick. It sucks being sick. But I did get to watch a couple of my very favorite classic old girly movies that I love--- Sleepless in Seattle and Pretty in Pink. Brett was thrilled-- He did actually watch Sleepless in Seattle with me (I like to snuggle when I don't feel well)....He always take good care of me when I am sick.

Also today is my sister Alyssa's 21st birthday.... so Happy birthday to her.. Its crazy how we are all getting so old! I miss my sisters a lot. Macy is in Montana playing volleyball and Alyssa is down in Manti in nursing school. They are a great couple of girls for me to look up to. Luckily Alyssa gets to come home on weekends but I am going crazy without my Macy.

Work is about to get crazy for me again... yes it is shipping time. Over a half a million dollars in product will go out in the next two weeks... And it all starts on Thursday...

Monday, September 29, 2008


Brett and I took Mimi and went up Provo Canyon on Sunday. The leaves are just starting to turn and it is so pretty up there. We stopped at Bridal Veil Falls and walked around for a bit and then went up to Vivian Park and set out our blanket for a while. It was nice to get outside sometimes. Especially in the mountains.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Depends Anyone?

So work has been kind of stressful lately. Yesterday a truck came and dropped off product that came from China at 3 pm and I was supposed to have 6 huge orders pulled, boxed, weighed, and labeled by 4:45 when the UPS driver comes. Luckily, Brett had stopped in at 2:30- to say hi and bring me some lunch so I had him stay to help me. Things were frantic but we were getting the job done-- until we realized that we were missing product that we needed to have to complete the orders. I lost it. We had been working so hard and we couldn't even finish. And it HAD to be sent-- people were already furious that it was this late. (I hate it more than anything when people call and yell at me over the phone-- and i get that a lot) I had a total nervous breakdown at work- needless to say we didn't get it done on time and the UPS man was so confused when he walked in to find me bawling.
On top of that- earlier that day I had to send a mass email to all of our vendors telling them that our product has been delayed 2 weeks for shipping ( which makes a lot of people mad at me) but in the email- I meant to say- we are sorry for any inconvenience that the delay may cause-- well instead my spell checker changed it to this-- we are sorry for any incontinence that the delay may cause.. It went our to over 400 people and I was so embarrassed. I am still getting emails from all the people laughing and asking me if I can ship a packages of Depends diapers with their order.

So today I got everything done-- counted again and re boxed, re labeled and everything. But I got it done today because I had all day to do it- but i am exhausted!! I'm glad it is the weekend and hopefully we do something fun. Brett has to work full day today and maybe tomorrow because Tyler has a family reunion... So we will see.. I need to catch up on some sleep.


You can always tell when Brett is working late... Scrapbooking again. We just got some really really cute stuff in at Crate Paper and I thought I would do a couple of layouts and use them... i like it when I get to sit down and take my mind off things..

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today, Brett and I got to borrow Brooke for a while. It was really fun. We took her to the park to play. She really liked it. Brett found a lost kid while we were there and was waking around for a while trying to find this kids mom. He was so sad. Finally Brett found the mom (who thought the kid was with the dad and vise versa)
Brooke liked the little slide and the swing. She is so giggly- its cute.
My Papa had his 75th birthday and we had a surprise party for him so we took brooke over there for dinner. It was nice to be able to take her back to her parents right as she was getting tired and a little grouchy. We had a lot of fun with her. And I love to see Brett with her, it is adorable.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

I just have to start by saying I love my niece Brooke to pieces!! She makes me so happy. Isn't she adorable?
So on Labor Day Brett and I got to sleep in because I got the day off and Brett worked the evening shift. After that we laid around for a while-- i love to do that too. Then finally we got going, ran on my treadmill, I took a shower, got ready and then we went over to Brett's parents house for lunch. Grammi and Brett's aunt Sharron were there too along with Mandi and her family.
I held Cameron and for the first time ever he didn't cry-- he even smiled at me once. He is getting so big and so cute!! I played with Brookie-- She is at that age where she finally likes me and she is a giggle girl. Kids are my favorite friends. Especially her and my other niece Mariah. They are so fun to play with.

It was a good weekend. A lot of relaxing and fun with family.