Monday, May 25, 2009


On Memorial Day Weekend, I always go up to the cemetery to put flowers on my dad's grave. This year we went on Saturday rather than Monday. It was pretty packed and the feelings there were a bit overwhelming.
We saw my dads grave first, then payed tribute to a friend of mine that served in the military before dieing in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, then we made our way up to grandma Smith's grave. We cleaned them all off from the grass wind storm earlier.

I am very sad that Brett never got to know my dad. I know my dad would have had so much love for him. It will be coming up on 10 years this August. I really can't believe that time has gone by so fast, or that I have now lived so long without him. He taught me a lot and he is still missed everyday.

I am also sad that I never got to know Grandma Smith. I know she was a wonderful woman. When I married into the Smith family, I had a ton of people tell me how great that family is and how great Vic was. My Nana and Papa were a couple of the people who told me this. They were in the same stake or ward with them or a while before she died. I want to thank her for raising such a wonderful family. I love them all so much. Her and Grandpa did a great job.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Job!

Thank you for all of your prayers on helping me find a new job. I was interviewed on Wednesday for a job that I was a little under qualified for.... not by much but I was nervous going into the interview with the company owner and his assistant. But the interview went amazing. I just kept telling myself to stay calm and personable and smile a lot-- just be myself. It worked. They were very nice and I came out of it knowing that I would be great for that job. They said they were going to call my references and get back to me. Last night I got a message from the girl that I will be replacing, so i called her back and she told me the owner wanted to offer me the job. She said they interview quite a few people and they thought that I was the best one for the position. It has decent pay and BENEFITS! That's the best part. The girl said the benefits were very good. Its a grown up job with benefits! So Cool!

So I start Tuesday. I don't know much about the company yet other then they make TV programs for waiting rooms in car dealerships and mechanic shops. They actually film the news parts of it there, edit it there and ship it to all over. The company is called AutoNet TV Media. . I will explain more about the job when I have a better idea. I am really excited. It has lifted a big worry off of me and Brett.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hair Cut!

Lucy needed a major makeover and here she is... drum roll please.........

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pictures!!! Finally.

Our computer wasn't working for a while so I had no way of updating our blog with pictures. SO I have a bunch to share.

Here are some before pictures of the living area of our house before we started painting. I really don't think the pictures do it justice to how ugly it was. The top color is a pea green color and the bottom is a dark olive green color...

And here are the after pictures....

Here is own new couch that we got a killer deal on. It is so comfy... I have already taken a few naps on it.

Here is the house from the outside....

And lastly.... we have a new addition to our family. Lucy is a pure bred shitzu and her owners couldn't take care of her anymore. They found out their oldest daughter has a new allergy to the dog and a bunch of other things and they are planning to move and they don't want allergens forming there. It was a sad goodbye for their family especially for their 12 year old son who has had the dog since he was only 2. He threw a tantrum and kept yelling that his mother was ruining his life because of this. I cant even imagine how hard that would be.. Its like giving up a sibling. Once he calms down a bit he is going to come visit her before they move to Logan. Lucy is the same age as Mimi so she is very trained and mellow. They get along well and are doing better then I expected. They are still a bit hesitant with each other but there is no fighting at all which is great. I know they will be great friends. She will be a great addition to our little family... and we are so glad to have her. (She definitely needs a hair cut... pronto)

I lost my job this week... Its sad but I was for the best. I am now looking for a new job... wish me luck!

That's all for now... Thanks for being so patient waiting for me to put up pictures....

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Settled

This weekend we moved into our new place. We have everything there now with the exception on one small run to the storage unit. We have most of it unpacked except the spare bedroom which contains a ton of boxes of scrapbooking stuff which I am dreading sorting through and organizing it all over again.

The good thing is that we now have an attic to keep our junk boxes and stuff that we only use sporadically like luggage, skis and my snowboard and other stuff.. That way our spare bedroom isn't cluttered with crap everywhere.. and I have room to space out my scrapbook nook. We are also using it for our computer and the hideaway couch/bed for visitors.. (which will probably only be my sister and little brother if they want to sleep over for fun)

I am a bit nervous for Mimi.... it is her first day alone in a new house so hopefully she behaves herself. We are putting the doggie door in this week and that will make me less nervous. I think she is scared of the back yard... The neighbors have a dog too so he barks through the fence and also other strange noises... She got a hair cut on Saturday. I found a new groomer that i just love! It is called Scotty's K9 Design in Mapleton. She did a great job and even put bows in her hair that haven't fallen out. I can never do that.

I promise that today is the day that I will take pictures. It has just been crazy.