Saturday, October 26, 2013


A friend of mine and her husband are photographers- wonderful photographers and they were able to do Judson's very first photoshoot. He was about a month old and not even 6 pounds yet. He slept the entire time so he was an easy baby to work with. I LOVE how these pictures turned out! Thank you Embre Photography  !!! You guys are amazing!


Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Month Old!!!

 Judson is 1 month old! It is crazy how fast has gone by. It probably seems so fast because so much of his first month was spent in the hospital and not at home.

Judson has gained almost 2 pounds since he was born and has grown more than an inch. He no longer fits in his preemie nighties because he is too long for them. He is filling out a lot but is still a skinny little boy. Clothes are hard for him right now. He fits in the preemie onsies and shirts but the newborn pants are mostly too big for him. He is growing so quickly that I'm sure it wont be a problem for long. He wakes up every 2-3 hours and eats more than he ever has. I honestly can't believe he eats as much as he does and then in no time, he is hungry again.

My love for Judson is incredible. With the girls, I fell in love with them fast and that love is just as strong but there is something about holding a baby that you created. To have an infant rely on you for everything. And especially because Judson is my miracle baby. I wasn't supposed to have my own kids. I had accepted it. And then the days before giving birth were scary. I am just so lucky that he is here and that he is mine. :) He is my little angel.


Alex & Stephanie's Wedding

 While Judson was still in the hospital, my brother Alex got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and party. It was at Thankgiving Point Gardens. It was strange to be doing something normal and to be there without my baby. I'm sad that he missed it but so glad we were able to be there. Alex found the perfect wife for him- They are seriously perfect for each other and she is perfect for our family.
I am so happy for them.


All under one roof

 Judson is home and doing great. He was able to come home after 19 days in the NICU. We love having him home. The lack of good sleep is still a big adjustment for Brett and I but every second I spend with him is so awesome. I am so in love with this kid.

Judson in his coming home premie outfit

Our final visit to the NICU right before we got to bring him home
 The girls LOVE being big sisters. They are always wanting to hold him and are very helpful. Wherever they go, they are always telling everyone about their baby and how much they love him.

 We gave Judson his first bath in his tub. He liked it at first but I think he got a bit cold and so it turned into a short bath.

Judson's bed in our room


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Savannah Turns 4!

My little baby girl turned 4! I can't believe how big she is. Savi is so so smart and is always saying things that leave me wondering where on earth did she learn that. She catches on to everything so fast. She is a brave girl and is usually willing to try anything. She is so loving and several times a day gets my attention just to tell me she loves me. 

Here is my little baby when I first got her. She was 18 months old and such a cutie pie! We bonded right away. The first time I saw her, I knew she was a special sweet girl and fell in love her very quickly.

She is growing up to be such a gorgeous, smart, polite little lady. I'm lucky to be her mom.