Monday, August 30, 2010

Freedom is Amazing!

So it has been a full week since my last day at work. It has been amazing... except it has been full of dentist and eye doctor appts for both me and Brett... my insurance runs out this week so we wanted to take advantage of the benefits we had left... We both got a pair of new glasses and I had a cavity filled today...

Last weekend my mom and me were in Bozeman for my sister Macy's birthday. It was really fun to be out there and spend a few days with her and her hubby in their cute apartment. We went to her Alumni game which was fun to watch... I miss her so much!

School is going really great. I really like it. I am taking 4 classes.... Drawing, 2D Design, Photography & Graphic Design Computer Applications. I am nervous about the art projects but i think it will be a really fun semester.

I ordered a MacBook Pro for school because with a Graphic Design Major you need one... and I got an ipod touch and a printer for free with it... I got them today and LOVE them. I need to learn how to use a Mac but that wont take long.

Brett is in school 3 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until 9:15 at Weber State so he doesn't get home until about 10:30 at night and I have class on Friday nights till 9:30 so we don't see each other a whole lot... but at least we have the weekends to spend some time together. And Tuesday nights too. But I am getting a lot done here and hope to have my mess of a scrapbook room straightened and functional soon. :)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Last day at work... off to Bozeman

Today is officially my last day at AutoNetTV Media. I have really loved it here and the people are what I will miss the most. I am being kept on temporarily part time until my replacement feels absolutely comfortable. I have been training her all week and she seems to be picking stuff up really well.

School starts for both Brett and me next week. Brett on Monday and Me on Wednesday. I am excited... Brett is not. But he will be totally done with his Masters in 8 months so that should keep him going.

Life is funny. Such an up and down roller coaster. Some good and some bad. I am so glad to have Brett in my life to go though the ride with him.

We finally got everything in order as far as paperwork goes with the foster/adoption thing. We are waiting for our social worker to contact us to start the home evaluation process.

I am currently in Bozeman MT- Visiting Macy with my mom. We surprised her by showing up around 10 pm. Her birthday is on Monday and she has her first pre season game tomorrow so it will be nice to spend a long weekend with her.. I will post pictures later in the weekend. We will be here until monday and then drive back... Im excited for a fun weekend. :)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Alana time!

On Thursday, my best friend Alana flew in from New Hampshire. She moved back there last summer to be closer to family. Her family has a reunion in Boise this week and they flew into SLC. I had not seen her in a year so I was super excited to see her. Thursday night we got together with friends over at Mallory's house. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. Friday I took off work so I could drive Alana to boise to meet up with her family for the reunion. We left around 11am and got to Boise around 6pm. Around 7 pm I was back on the road headed for home. It was a long drive and I finally got home about 1am. Brett thought I was not going to be home until the next afternoon so I surprised him. It was good to spend time with Alana. I miss her already.

30 meals in my freezer- made in one day..

A friend of mine has read this book on how to prepare and cook 30 meals all in one day. She did it and has loved the freedom of not having to cook. So I recruited my mom to do it with me. We went shopping on Saturday night and cooked on Sunday... It took us about 8 hours of cooking to finish everything plus a crock pot recipe the night before. Brett was there the whole time and was a huge help... we couldn't have done it without him. It was a lot of hard work but I dont have to cook for a month. yeah!

Somehow, Brett managed to fit it all into our freezer... shocking. We were fully prepared to have to buy a mini deep freezer for our garage.

The book is called - Dinner is Ready by Deanne Buxton.