Friday, March 23, 2012

Quack Quack

 Summer came yesterday and disappeared today. It was so warm and sunny yesterday that we went to the Weber State duck pond with Alyssa.


a little peace and quiet


boy, did I need a break form that craziness that is my life! So a while ago my sister, seeing how stressed and busy I always am suggested to go away for spring break. We wanted to go to Mesquite but there was some huge high school baseball tournament and also a basketball thing going on that week so a lot of the hotels were sold out and so we decided to go to Las Vegas. It definitely is not our first time to Vegas but, there is SO much stuff to do there. Most people probably thing it is all trashy and mostly adult friendly but in actuality, there a tons of things to do that you can take your family too or just go and enjoy.

The car ride was long but it was worth it. This trip to Vegas was a relaxing one. We didn't plan much. We just wanted to have a break. I did plan a spa day for me and Lyssa so we went and got a massage which was wonderful. She told me I was really tight and suggested that I find a spa here and have a couple of massages a month- So I guess since she insisted and she is a professional that I will have to obey her :)

The boys scheduled a tee time for a game of golf. We decided that we would rent an extra cart and ride along.... Who knows that 18 holes takes more than 4 hours?!? Well I didn't. It was actually really fun and it went by fast.

We went to the store on Pawn Stars- Its a TV show about a pawn shop that takes in really rare things. anyways- so that was fun.

We went to Fremont Street. I had never been there before. We did this zip line that goes down the whole street, which was very cool. There were all sorts of weird people there doing side shows to earn tips... and people dressed in costumes for people to take pictures with and earn tips.

Brett learned how to play Roulette. He stuck to the red/black bets or odd/even bets- at one point he was up 20 bucks but ended up coming out even. I on the other hand, won 9 whole dollars on the slot machine I played!!  So we didn't loose any money. 

All the while, the girls were having a blast with my mom. They had such a good time and did so many things. I'm sure it was not easy to have 3 kids for 4 days but she loved having them around and was sad to see us all go but at least she got back to a normal sleep schedule.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Savannah Smiles

I did a mini photo shoot with Savannah today while the other two were at school.... I really have the cutest 2 year old ever. 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

privacy please....

As much as I love to post about my kids, I am going private on my blog in the next little while due to the situation with my girls. I cant have just anybody being able to find my blog-

Let me know if you want an invite to be able to keep reading :)