Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's getting closer

Its been a long week getting ready for the move. We painted the entire house except one bedroom. It looks amazing!! It took us 3 days and a total of about 16 hours to do it all. Thank you the Dale, Nate, Tom and my mom for helping on the first day and for Dale for bringing us dinner while we worked the second day!

So- we have no furniture so I have been keeping my eye on the KSL Classifieds in case something came up. Yesterday, there was an add for a sectional couch for sale up in salt lake. It did not have a picture but it was described as the right color I was looking for and the right price range.... so I emailed her and asked her to send me a picture of it. She sent it to me and I couldn't believe that a couch that pretty was only $200. She told me it really had to be cleaned and that she just didn't have room for it in her new house.She also told me that she paid $2000 for it 2 years ago.

We borrowed my step dad's truck and drove up to look at it. It was so beautiful... It did have spills and dirt on it but nothing a Rug Doctor wont get out of microfiber material. We were debating while we were in her house on how it would fit because it is huge! And she said "would you take it off my hands for $150?" I was like-- are you kidding me?

We took it home, went to Maceys and rented a Rug Doctor and cleaned it. We could turn around and sell it for at least $600. It is gorgeous! But we wont because I love it!

I am still looking on the ads for a dining room table, area rug, short wide dresser and a couple of tall lamps... If I don't find them then we will probably go around to yard sales on Saturday. :)

We had a bit of trouble with Questar Gas... they came to turn on our gas and just unlocked it and is now saying that we need to hire someone else who knows what they are doing to come light the pilot lights for us... It was supposed to be on 2 days ago so the cleaning ladies could come clean the house before we move in....
The carpets are getting cleaned today and hopefully we will be able to start moving in tomorrow night.

My sister Alyssa is Graduating Nursing school with her LPN this weekend. It is also Snow College graduation which both Alyssa and Kellen are walking. Brett has to do set up at the Orem Costco for the Cultural Hall Roadshow on Friday night so I will be going down solo. Alyssa's ceremony is on Friday night so I will probably go to that and then head home.

Monday, April 20, 2009

We Found A New Place To Live!!

So we found a place to move!!! We are very excited to get into a new place. It is a townhouse in Provo right off of Geneva Road and about 500 north.... i think..
We will be signing the rent contract today and then the lights will be turned on today or tomorrow so we can PAINT!! The contract is for a year so we will be there at least for that long.... but I don't see us needing to move out until we have a baby which wont be for at least a year and a half so we might be there a while longer.

The paint in the whole house is hideous! The bottom of the walls downstairs are a really dark olive green... and the top is a light pea green color... going up the stairs it is yellow, our bedroom is a light orange and the spare bedroom is pepto bismol pink with Disney princesses everywhere! But we really liked the floor plan and it was a great price so we made a deal with the Realtor.... She would cut out deposit in half and we would paint. So we get to chose the colors and everything... We went to Lowe's and found the perfect colors. It is actually a blessing that we got to do it this way... it was going to be really tight coming up with the entire deposit. This way we save about 2 hundred dollars after we buy the paint and everything. Plus we have awesome families that will help so that will make it faster.

I WILL take before pictures just and post them just so you all can ask 'what were they thinking?' just like we did.

We will be painting throughout the week and into the weekend... so if anyone would like to come help us, that would be great.

We don't have any furniture!! Haha... We moved into my moms basement when we got married and it was furnished. The bed is ours but that's about it. Even the dressers are all my mothers.. so it will be an empty house for a while but gradually we will gather stuff. The first things we need are a dining room table and a couch for the living room.... It will just be nice to have our own place so i don't care if its empty.

The biggest pro is that they will let us have Mimi there... I cant even tell you how hard it was to find a place that they would let me keep my little girl. And I wasn't about to leave her behind. This place has a small fenced back yard... well not yard but it has a deck and a small garden area. Enough for a BBQ and for Mimi to do her business. There is a large common area behind our fenced patio also. I think Mimi will be happy there too.

A bit of a sad thing... We will be leaving our ward. Honestly, we probably went 5 or 6 times in the year and a half we were in that ward... But there are some great people there. I have made a few friends there that I will always look up to and remember, (especially Rachael)... The Bishop has been great with us especially recently as we are becoming active again. We will miss him as well. But we look forward to a new start in a new ward and to meeting new people.

Pictures to come....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do April snow showers bring May flowers?

So.... today I woke up to THIS!!!!

What in the world? A foot of snow in the middle of April isn't really too fun for me. This morning I drove past a few neighbors houses with broken trees because the snow was so heavy.... and to think that a few days ago they were all starting to get blossoms on them :(
Gladly it has mostly melted.

For those of you who don't know, Brett was diagnosed with depression a couple of months ago. It has been a hard thing for him and for us but he is taking the right steps to help him be happier. He started on a medication which at first didn't work but then after the doctor doubled the dosage, he is finally starting to notice small changes. I am proud of him for the effort that he gives in trying to better himself.

He has a couple of business things that he has been doing on the side but none that give us any extra income at the moment unfortunately... so after talking about it last night, we decided that he would try to get a part time job so that we can move next month into a small house and rent it. Last night I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed and I said a prayer. The first prayer I have said in a while. And afterwards, i felt relieved and then I fell asleep.
So this morning he started his search. Within an hour he had a few places that he was going to go and check out. The first one he went to was a company in Pleasant Grove called Cultural Hall. They print LDS pictures and frame them to sell in stores and at road shows.
They gave him tour of the place and offered him the job... so he starts tomorrow. He will be working in thier warehouse- helping them print and frame and package. It is such a blessing right now. I feel really good. Most of you have probably seen the artwork at Costco. We actually bought a picture from them for Dale and Debbie for Christmas last year. They are beautiful!

Other then that, there is nothing else going on in our lives. We are enjoying being back in church and I am enjoying not being too busy at work. Last week was our big shipping week so this week has simmered down quite a bit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Brett and I went to Albertson's tonight to get stuff for our Easter basket. It has become a tradition that we go and make a basket for both of us to share. Its fun. We actually went to Walgreens first and they were cleaned out of Easter stuff.... Then we went to Macey's and it was worse there... there wasn't even 1 Easter basket left.
We thought Albertson's would be a little less crazy.. There wasn't a huge selection but enough to make our basket.

Brett has also had a tradition... well starting last year i think... that I get flowers for Easter.

Last week I bought Photoshop. I absolutely love it. I am still learning how to use it and I think it will take me a long time before I can do everything I want to with it but I'm having a lot of fun....

I hope everyone's Easter is good.
Oh... and Happy Birthday Elise!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Congrats Nate on your mission call!

Not much is going on with us lately. We are both working hard at work and school and are hoping to find a house to rent in the next month or so.

Brett's little brother Nate got his mission call today..... he is going.... drum roll please....

We went over to watch him open it. Trevor actually had guessed that he would go to Detroit so that's pretty amazing.. I am very proud of my little brother. He goes to the MTC on July 8th.

I went to the bridal fair with my mom and Alyssa as well as Kellen, his mom and his sister last weekend. It was actually pretty fun. After we found some animals and played with them a little. Then we went out to lunch.