Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pop Goes The Weasel

This is quite the story and I felt I should share it... Though it is a bit embarrassing....

So when I get tired, I get really goofy. When I get really tired, I get really really goofy. I am one that has conversations in my sleep and rambles about nonsense at bedtime. Brett gets a front row seat to the Cali Show every night.

So last night, while feeling super tired and goofy, I tried to analise the song Pop Goes the Weasel. (Not sure why)

Its a song I have known since I was a kid yet it doesn't make any sense... so after thinking about it in my not so clear, sleepy, goofy mind, here is what I came up with.......

So the monkey chases the Weasel around and the monkey thought it was a fun joke but the Weasel was a violent animal and all the sudden BAM!! the Weasel shoots the monkey with a gun or perhaps a sling shot, robs him and buys a needle and thread to sew his mouth up so he cant tell anyone what happened....

Yeah, i was SO tired... After researching it a bit this morning, i found that of course, I was not correct- just a bit crazy.

All around the mullberry bush,
The monkey chased the Weasel.
the monkey thought twas all in fun,
Pop goes the weasel

A penny for a spool of thread,
A penny for a needle.
Thats the way the money goes,
Pop goes the weasel.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girls Night

Last night I went out with my sister in law Mandi, Debbie, my mother in law, Grammi and Debbie's sister Sharon for a girls night out. It was a much needed break from regular and not so regular life and we had a lot of fun together. We went to dinner and to see the movie When in Rome. I was glad that we got to spend some time together.

Before we went out I got a recent picture of all of Mandi's kids... they are so cute! This was the best one even though they are all looking away... at least I got a couple smiles. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Be my Valentine

Last night Brett and I celebrated Valentines Day together. I went straight from work to pick up his gift and then home to get him. He chose for me to give him his gift right then so I did. I bought him a pair of his favorite shoes in the world in a different color. Anyone that knows him well or sees him often knows that he wears his brown Castro slip ons all the time... but this keeps him from ever wearing anything but brown. I found the exact same shoes in a black and gray color. He didn't even know they existed and he was super excited.

We went to the Olive Garden to eat dinner. During dinner he got a phone call that my gift was ready to be picked up.... I have been dieing to figure this out. I found out 3 days ago that he spent over $230 dollars on my gift and I was first upset that he spent so much, and then second super curious as to what gift could possible cost that much that he would think to get me. I love to be surprised, however I cant stand to know there is a surprise and not know what it is... So if Brett ever surprises me he has to keep it a secret that he has a secret.... But this time I knew and it was eating at me and for 3 whole days, Brett put up with the questions like this...

What store is it from?
How small is it?
Have I told you I want one before?
Is it eatable?
Can I only use it in a certain season?
etc etc....

And he gave answers like this....

I don't know
You will have to wait and see

We went to the mall and he ran in to get the mystery gift from the mystery store. When we got home, he gave it to me. It was so beautiful and so sweet that I didn't care how much he spent and I was so glad he kept it a secret. It is a white gold ring with real black and white diamonds.

Today we are going to see Valentines Day at the theater. It seems like an appropriate movie to see.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I came back from Lunch to find this box on my desk....

And these inside with a sweet note from my hubby. They made my day better.