Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween was low key again this year... however we kinda had costumes. We went to our ward Halloween party on Friday night just to see our primary kids all dressed up. Brett put on a tie dye shirt and a peace necklace and I put on a tutu...

I was the only one to do a pumpkin this year... and it was a little one. I didn't want to carve it so I just put brads in it... easy enough and it is cute.

Last night we drove up to Odgen and spent the night with Lyssa and Kellen. We went to dinner and then made caramel apples- ( they may look good but we didn't make the caramel right so they were not very good, but they were fun to make.

We then watched a scary movie called The Crazies. It was pretty scary. We spent the night there and came back home today. Its always fun to hang out with them. :)


Blocks Project

I did a cute new project.... Memory Blocks! they were super fun to make. There are more pictures and how I made them on my craft blog here.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


Doing volunteer work for the Now I Can Foundation has been so awesome... Helping kids with Cerebral Palsey learn to walk again is not only a miracle but it is so humbling and uplifting. These kids have such drive and determination to walk that they push through the sometimes painful therapy and I see improvements everytime I see them. Therapy sessions are everyday for 4 hours- for 4 weeks. Its tough but so worth it.

This little girl was the first girl I worked with... She is 3 years old. I worked with her for 4 weeks. She is now done with therapy for now. What an amazing little smile she has and she now has a place in my heart. When she started therapy this year she just dragged her little legs around to get around. Now, with a little help, she is walking.