Monday, March 16, 2009


Macy is in town for spring break this week!! I am so happy she is here. Alyssa was able to come up for the weekend and we all got to hang out. Macy brought her boyfriend Brek- who she really likes.. He is a returned missionary which is different but he seems really nice. On Saturday night we did a triple date which was really fun! I miss hanging out with both my sisters at the same time... It does get a bit crazy because we are all cooky and we feed off of each other but it is a blast.
We went to The Olive Garden to eat and then went back home to play games. We invited my Mom and Jerry to eat with us. We did a little photo shoot while we waited 45 mins to get into the restaurant. At least it was a nice day outside.

Alyssa and Kellen

Macy and Brek

The cool kids

Sassy Sisters



Thursday, March 12, 2009


So my back has given me a lot of problems in the last few years. But mostly in the last few weeks it has been unbearable. I cant sit longer than an hour without a sharp pain like something is stabbing me in the back with a pencil.
My Chiropractor is a great guy. he was my dads chiropractor for years and years before he died. I went to see him this morning. I love going to his office because I feel like a celebrity. First they take you into a room where i lay down and they put a stem machine with pads hooked to my back... these send electric pulses through the pads and it feels amazing. They also put a heating pad on me and leave me there to relax for about 10 mins. Then they take me into another room where a girl gives me a massage for 10 mins... when you think of massage you think relaxing right? No. This hurts bad. She digs into me pretty hard and I am sore after but it really helps.
Then I go into see Dr Clifford. He is great-- What I have is displaced joints where my ribs connect to my spine. He knows just the right thing to do to fix me all up- plus he adjusts my neck too while I'm there. I also have a "short leg". Yes it is a real thing... and Dr Clifford is also working with me on that as well.
I will go back again early next week if it starts to bother again.
Yeah for Chiropractors... without them I would be bedridden.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Half Century

My sister Alyssa got her engagement ring this weekend. It is beautiful. Their wedding date is set for Aug 4.

Yesterday was Brett's mom;s 50th birthday. I spend a while yesterday making her birthday card which turned out pretty cute.

Today we went over to Brett's parents house for dinner and after dinner was Debbie's party. She is a wonderful woman and I am grateful to have her in my life. Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

We got to play around with Mandi's kids. They are growing up so fast.

On another note. We bought a new dog bed for Mimi. She really needed one and we found a really nice big one at Costco. She loves it!