Thursday, December 31, 2009

Date Night

Last night, Brett and I, Alyssa and Kellen, and Macy and her boyfriend Drew all went up to temple square to see the lights. It was a beautiful night. It was snowing and just gorgeous. This weekend we met Drew and he seems very nice. They are getting pretty serious and have pretty much decided that they will get married this summer. They are very cute together.

After we left the temple, Brett turned down what I thought was the wrong road to get to the freeway. It turns out he had set up a night in a hotel in Salt lake as a late anniversary surprise. It was really cute and he was proud that he was able to keep it a secret. I love that boy.

Christmas 2009

Christmas was so great this year. It just reminds me of how blessed we are to have such a great family. There was a lot of firsts this year without Nana. We miss her everyday and I'm not sure Christmas Eve will ever be quite the same without her. Here are a few pictures of Christmas this year. Along with our new family picture on my side of the family.

We went over to Brett's Uncle Waynes house on Christmas Eve. It was really fun to catch up with the whole family. Then we headed over to Papa's house, did caroling, sub for santa, then went back to my moms house and waited for Santa to come. My brother Dallin is 12 years old. He really wanted to stay out and meet Santa this year. He just wouldnt let it go so he had to be told that Santa is not real. This was done on Christmas eve and he was pretty upset. But the evening continued and soon he got over it.
All in all it was a fabulous Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I love Christmas time! I grew up with a lot of traditions- most of them we still do in our family. It is fun to grow older and have more appreciation for traditions and to be able to start a few of our own. I am excited for the future when I can have these traditions be a part of my childrens lives.

Christmas eve at Nana and Papa's- This tradition has been in place for as long as I remember. We all go over there to be with our cousins, aunts, uncles and Nana and Papa. This year will be a bit different without Nana. And Papa is out in California for the holidays so we wont have either one of them. Growing up, Nana and the girls would cook all week in preparation Christmas Eve. Nana made her homemade wassail and we put plates of goodies together to take to the families we went caroling to. There is always a bit of singing around the piano as well.

Caroling on Christmas Eve- This is a tradition that I hope we never stop. Each family chooses two other families to go caroling to on Christmas Eve. We have about 3 families that we have gone to every year since I can remember. They love it! And since out family is so musically talented- why not share it with others.

Hide from Santa- After the family get together and caroling, we go back home to my Mom's house to get ready for Santa to come. My family has always done Christmas on Christmas Eve. I think it started because my parents divorced when i was young and this way- we never missed either Christmas.
We read stories about Christmas and then open our stockings- (we draw names and stuff each others stockings). Soon, we hear bells outside of my house. The kids all run to the bathroom and shut the door while Santa unloads all the presents. We listen to Santa talk about how good we had all been and how tired he was from flying around the world. When he is gone- we run back out to see what he left us! Then we one by one open our gifts which usually lasts late into the night.

Now that I am married, Brett and I go to the Smith party on Christmas Eve for a short time. They have some wonderful traditions also. They do a dinner and the kids do a nativity scene and a talent show. We like to try to be there as long before we leave to catch the caroling with my family. Christmas Day is always spent over at the Smith's house.

Traditions are a wonderful thing and I am very grateful for them and for all the memories I have had through my life at Christmas time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maddex Jaxon Wilcox

My Step Brother and Sister in law had their 4th little one yesterday. He is so so cute! He looks just like the other 2 boys. I am so happy to have another nephew. He weighed in at 6 pounds 15 ounces. Very darling.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the big 26

Yesterday was Brett's 26th birthday. Yes- he is getting old! I attempted to make a cake... apparently I am not good at it... it broke into about 5 pieces when I took it out of the pan... but I frosted it all up and it turned out fine and it tasted good.

We both had the day off so it was fun to get to spend the day together.
Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you!We put up our Christmas tree and nativity and lights outside!! Our tree is a small one- since we have nowhere to put a big one. I am very excited for Christmas and even more excited for Brett to Graduate and not have school anymore and I get to see him more!

The pictures are from my phone- so they are not the best but I got my camera back today!! I missed her so!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

vacation pictures

Colorado was very fun. I had such a great time with my family.
Brett and I took Brooke and Tori to the Zoo. They loved it and so did I!
Brett's cousin Justin got married on Saturday night in Boulder, CO. It was really pretty and we had a good time even though it was an open bar and got a bit rowdy. We got some cute family pictures. It was hard to say goodbye to the my St. Louis nieces. They are so cute and it was so fun to get to spend some time with them.

It is good to be home. We ended up leaving straight from the reception and driving all night Saturday. We got home around 5:30 in the morning...
So It was a great trip!

As I said.. my camera is in the shop getting fixed so I had my moms.... it did some weird stuff to my pictures... Some of them turned out really bright... I will have to fix them in Photoshop before I develop them.... but here they are for now.. sorry some of them are not the best.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


So we do have internet up here in Estes Park Colorado. However- I do not have a way to put pictures up so I will add those later. The week has been fun so far. We got here in Sunday and the rest of the family got here on Monday and some on Tuesday. It has been fun to get to spend time with family, especially my nieces and nephew. They are getting so big ad so fun to play with.
Yesterday we had a big breakfast with all the family. Brett's cousin Justin and hsi fiance drove up from Denver to have breakfast with us too. Then we played games. Then Brett and I went to Downtown Estes Park.. It is a cute street with cute local shops. We had a good time walking down there for a while.

Today is thanksgiving. I am very grateful for family at this time of year. I am missing my family today. I really have been so blessed in my life. I am the most grateful for my husband Brett, I dont know where I would have ended up without him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am grateful to have great friends, a place to live and a job I like.

Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day is amazing!

Friday, November 20, 2009


Tomorrow is the day we take off on our week long adventure to Colorado. I don't know that I have spent one night in Colorado let alone a week. Plus it will most likely snow the whole week... But the HOORAY part of all of it is that Brett's entire (minus Nate of course) immediate family will be gathered and living together! It hardly happens. All 5 of my nieces and 1 nephew to play with for a whole week.... I am pretty excited.

We are packing tonight and I will be headed up to Odgen tonight to spend the weekend with my sisters and see New Moon while Brett drives to Idaho for work.... I'm glad it worked out that I can have a sleepover wekkend with my sisters while Macy is in town.

I usually like to update my blog while on vacation but I dont know what the internet situation will be like. we will see. I may be able to update sunday about my sisters weekend.... But look forward to an awesome, snowie, thanksgivingie, familyish post when I get back.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Death of our camera.... for now

Sad News... My poor camera has died on us. The lid to the battery compartment broke in half as well as our lens protector. We bought it 2 1/2 years ago. We debated back and forth about buying the extended warranty on it which was extra $100 dollars on top of an already very expensive camera but seeing how accident prone I am and my bad luck with cell phones, we did it and now we are so happy we did. It is currently being brought back to life by the good people of Best Buy at no cost to us...
The sad part of this is that we wont get it back till the 27th of November... and we are leaving on Sunday to go to Colorado for vacation with the Smith family... Luckily my mom has agreed to let me take hers. But I will be missing mine greatly.
Macy is coming down this week to spend some time with us. She is staying in Montana for Thanksgiving this year. On Saturday we have bought tickets to go see New Moon with my mom, Alyssa and Kellen, Macy, Aunt Daphne, Camille and Becca. It should be fun! Brett is not too excited but oh well right? I'm dragging him there anyway. From there we will stay at Alyssa and Kellen's house Saturday Night. Brett has to drive to Idaho for work on Sunday so I will hang out with Lyss- then we will take off for Colorado Monday morning from Ogden. My mom is taking care of my dogs while we are gone... i will miss them!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Brett and I and my sister Alyssa and her husband went to Lagoon for Frightmares. It was really fun. It was pretty nice weather and I have never been to Frightmares so it was different to have to wear a jacket at Lagoon. I really liked it. There were 3 haunted houses that we went through. One was really cool, one was totally stupid and the other was pretty scary. It was totally empty so we rode a ton of rides... I guess people dont like to go to Lagoon in cold weather! We got there when it opened and no one was there so we rode 12 rides in the first hour...

We went to this hypnotist show and I got called on stage to be hypnotized. Brett didn't get very good pictures... sorry. It was by far the weirdest experience I have had in a long time. It is really hard to explain what happened or what I felt and why I did the things I did which included slow dancing with a mop and playing the drums on my booty in front of a huge audience. But I remember it all and for some reason I wanted to do those things and there was purpose to doing them. The guy told us the stage was a 100 ft building and then jumped off. I actually started crying when he jumped and was amazed when he "bounced" on the ground and came back up. Strange...

We were quite boring for Halloween this year. Brett had to drive a car to Phoenix for work on the night of our ward Halloween party and I didn't want to go alone so I skipped it. That was the only reason to get costumes together. Maybe next year will be more exciting.