Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Home Again

We are back from Las Vegas. We got home around 10pm. The trip was a bummer for the most part for me at least.. a lot of walking and things just didn't work out for us on a lot of things. Last night we wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe to have dinner. The shuttle from our condo took us to Caesars Palace and the shuttle that was to take us to the Hard Rock was down by the MGM. I knew it was far... but i was convinced that it wasn't that far... well 45 mins of walking later we got down there at around 8:15 pm. I was hungry and tired and really hot. So we get there and find out that the last shuttle that would bring us back left the restaurant at 9 pm. So we had walked all that way for nothing. We were going to ride the monorail back to Caesars but then we decided that we would go to Planet Hollywood for dinner. There is a Planet Hollywood hotel that is a few hotels down from the MGM and also a Planet Hollywood restaurant at the Caesars Palace. We walked to the hotel to find out that there isn't even a Planet Hollywood restaurant in the Planet Hollywood hotel... weird.. so we walked all the way back to Caesars Palace, hot and hungry and finally was able to eat dinner around 10. It was frustrating and really annoying. I had a bad attitude about it but who wouldn't right?
Also, today we had one more seminar at the Magic Trade show the go to that started at 11 am. We caught the shuttle that left our condo at 10 and when we got to Caesars- the bus that goes to the show was not leaving for a while plus it was going to drive all the way to the Palms to pick up more people and then go to the show... we didn't have time to do that so we walked across the street, through Harrah's to the monorail station... it cost us $15 for 3 one way tickets to the convention center and then $15 for the ride back... we could have driven our own car and arked there for $10.
Things just kept going wrong and i was so ready to come home. Honestly I wish I had stayed and just had 2 days off work to relax. (I need to learn to have a better attitude.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Las Vegas

Brett , Tyler and I arrived in Las Vegas last night. We are here on a "business trip." I got Monday and Tuesday off of work and we got people to cover for Brett and Tyler-- we are excited that we were ale to come. Brett's dad reserved a condo/ timeshare for us. It is beautiful. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a full kitchen. Plus a view of the strip from out balcony. We got here around 8 last night and were tired from the drive. We watched a bit of the closing ceremonies for the olympics and then went to bed. Today we are going to the Magic tradeshow here. It is a fashion/clothing trade show and we are hoping to get into it next Feb. But we really needed to come down here and check it out so we know what to expect. Plus it will be interesting to see other fashions and trends all over the states. We have all day today to walk around it but the convention center is huge and people have said that you cant even see everything in 3 days so if we need to, we have tomorrow too.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I did a few more layouts today. I am trying to finish my baby book. (its about time right?) I am the oldest child and there are so many pictures... it really is neverending. This layout is me at about 6 months old. I always loved this picture so I wanted to do something cute and girly. I love working with silk flowers in layouts. The fun thing is that I go and buy the cheap ugly flowers and take them all apart and layer them however i want. It turned out pretty cute. Obviously Brett is working tonight. I hate when he i gone but it seems that it is the only time I sit down and scrapbook.

These other two are me at about 3 months.

And this last one is me at about 18 months. I had fun doing these...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today, Brett and I and Alyssa and Brady went out to the lake on Brady's boat. It was really fun. Brett and alyssa and Brady wakeboarded and then the boat broke before I could get out. Water was getting into the boat around the engine and the pump was not working right. So I hopped on the tube and rode it back to the dock... That was fun. I really like hanging out with them. Good thing because it will probably be us 4 forever.
When we got home, Brett had to go to work and I cleaned my scrapbook room. Yeah!! It ooks so good. I did a few layouts today. I ill work again tomorrow while Brett works again.

My mom's birthday was on the 12th. I love my mom so much. She works so hard and I am proud of her. Alyssa made her this really cute cake... I didnt help.. I only suggested the pink frosting. But the cake was a hit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics 2008!!!

The Olympics are here!! I love watching the Olympics... Besides going to work.. you will not see me out of my house for the next 2 weeks. Its all we did all weekend was watch USA dominate!!

My Favorite Sports to watch are.....

Of Course, Volleyball. I like indoor and Beach equally... My mom's cousin is on the indoor team. Her name is Logan Tom. This is her 3rd Olympics and it is so fun to watch her play. She is number 15 in this picture.

My Favorite Beach team has Been Misty May and Kerry Walsh for years.. They won gold in Athens so i think they should be able to do it again this year..

We have been intrigued by swimming the past few days, mostly because of Michael Phelps who totally dominates everything he does. Last night was the men's relay final and the USA pulled it out in the final lap and won gold by 8 hundredths of a second. That's impressive.

I like to watch diving.. I think its crazy that the synchronized divers can be so identical.. The USA took 4th in that event yesterday.. too bad. Plus they all swim in this amazing building that China built just for the Olympics.. They call it the cube.

And of Course there is gymnastics. I watched the girls last night and they had a rough night with injuries and such but they go into the team competition at number 2 right behind China. The Men are amazingly strong.. I like to watch them also and I think they will do pretty well this year.

Those are our favorite sports to watch but we watch it all pretty much.. So YEAH for the Olympics!! GO USA!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My sister Macy is off to Montana State University today. She got a full scholarship to go play volleyball there. I am very proud of her. I am going to miss her a lot.

Last night we went over to Nana and Papa's house and Papa gave her a blessing and then Brett and I, Alyssa and Brady, and Macy and Brett's brother Nathan all went to the Malt shoppe for ice cream. When you get all 3 of us together it is crazy and I love it and that is what I will miss the most. Alyssa is leaving in another week to go back down to snow college. We had a lot of fun.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

last night My cousins Leslie and Kristen and I went to Walmart to wait until midnight for the new twilight book to come out. I had gone to Barnes & Noble and I had 4 copies on hold there but the wristbands were given out at 9 am yesterday--the line went down the street . I t was so long so we figured maybe Walmart would be a better option. We got there at about 9:30 pm-- they were not starting the line til 10 so we got sandwiches and were the first in line. Brett even stopped by for about 10 mins to visit. We played phase 10 and waited. It was quick-- we were out of there by 12:05. We were really excited.. And it was fun to hang out for a few hours on the floor of the Walmart :)