Saturday, January 11, 2014

Judson is 4 months

 Happy 4 months to my little boy! Judson started laughing recently. He is constantly eating his hands and he loves to sit and watch football with daddy. He is so fun to play with and smiles whenever he sees me or his dad. He is now in the 27% instead of 0%. Growing boy!


Monday, January 6, 2014

Anavy's Surgery

Anavy was born with a lazy eye. She had a surgery on it when she was 2 but there was never any follow up and she was never given glasses. When I got her, we got her glasses right away and started working towards her getting a second surgery. We did more than a year of wearing glasses and on again off again eye patching trying to strenthen her bad eye so that when she did have the surgery, it would be strong enough to stay in place.

Finally the time came for her to have it done. Since they did the surgery on her bad eye when she was 2, they decided to do it on her good eye. Basically the eyes were just slightly facing different directions so they didn't work together.  So they straightened her good eye to match the angle of the the bad eye so they face the same way and work together to help her see better.

She was pretty happy the morning of her surgery. She liked that she got to stay home from school and go with mom and dad to the doctors in her cute pajamas.

The surgery went really well. Hopefully this will be the last one she will have to have on her eyes. But there is always a chance that one of her eyes could stray off again. She was in the hospital for a few hours after and then we went home. It is a bit painful for her but not too bad and she should feel better in a few days.


Anavy's eye has healed so well. It is amazing to see the difference in her appearance and i was told it will get better with more time. I also think she is seeing better too.

1 month after surgery