Friday, April 30, 2010


Today is graduation day at UVU. Today is the day the Brett would have walked in his cap and gown. He got his diploma a few months ago in the mail, and decided not to walk at UVU for his undergraduate because in a year from now, he will have a graduate degree and will be walking at the University of Utah receiving his Masters degree in Accounting. I am really proud of him today for all he has done. He worked hard for years to accomplish that and all the while, he was working full time, started a business, and still managed to find some tie to spend with me. Thanks babe for working so hard... one more year and you will be done.

My cousin Leslie, and 0ne of my best friends in the world, graduates today. I am SO incredibly proud of her and what she has accomplished. She will be the best teacher any parent could ask for for their child. She worked so hard and it was not easy for her but she kept going and got it done. I look up to her for that.
Tonight was a graduation party for her over at her house. I used her cap, gown and diploma to take a picture of Brett. It is good to have a picture. The party was fun, It was good to see her so happy to be done. She is currently looking for jobs at elementary schools and I hope she finds one soon.


Monday, April 19, 2010

What a fun weekend!

This weekend was very relaxing and fun. I loved every bit of it!

Saturday I sat around working on crafts and watching TV until I had to go to my step brother's wife's baby shower. It was fun to see everyone again. I took my diaper cake which was a hit...
After that, we went to the BYU Men's Volleyball game. My mom was officiating so she got us in and got us seats in the front row..... courtside as Brett called them. It was really fun. We ended up loosing in 5 games but it was pretty intense. Brett caught one of the shirts cozmo was throwing. After that, we picked up some ice cream and headed home to bed, oh and to watch Tarzan. :)
Sunday, again I worked on crafts almost all day. I am nearly done with one or two of them. Brett's aunt Julie and uncle Wayne invited us over for Sunday dinner. It was fun to get to talk with them and we played a few games on the Wii... and I played with their bird. He is so smart. We sat down for dinner and he started whistling the Andy Griffith theme song. I have never wanted a bird... but to have a singing, whistling, talking, potty trained bird.. now that would be fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{unofficially} ACCEPTED!

Brett got a call from the University of Utah last weekend. He had applied to the Masters of Accounting program there and she was calling to talk to him about it. His over all GPA was a bit higher than average but apparently, his Accounting Core GPA was a bit too low so he was classified as disqualified. HOWEVER.... she told him that the rest of his application was so strong that they were willing to bend the rules a bit for him. They are giving him a chance to still get in for the fall by taking 2 summer classes at the U during the summer- It is kind of a test to make sure he can handle the classes there and to take a bit of money from us :) As long as he gets an A- or better in those two classes, he is in! Which will be quite easy for him.

He is not too excited about summer school but we are so grateful that he even has this opportunity. Go Utes!!

Projects Galore

So I am a little over whelmed by the amount of projects I have on my to-do list. I am super excited about each one of these projects but they are piling up... here is my to-do list for April....

-Project for my Parents in Law-- I am almost half done with this one after working on it last night.
-Diaper Cake for my sister in law's baby shower on Saturday.
-Finish my sister Alyssa's wedding scrapbook. Yeah, I know.. they got married last August... with all the moving, my stuff has been packed up for a long time but it will get finished.. and soon! There is only about 4 8x8 pages left to do.
-Start my other sister Macy's wedding scrapbook... that will be a pretty big project.
-I am putting together a wedding CD with possible songs that could go on Macy's wedding video, so I need to get them all downloaded and burned.
-The May mix.... I cant forget that one.
-Burn a bunch of Disney and church CD's for my Brother in Law Nate who is on his mission...

So looks like my plate is pretty full this month...

All projects will get put on this blog when I get finished... It is my craft blog. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have been holding on to a $100 Nordstoms gift card for a year and a half now.... I never knew what I wanted to get with it but I knew I would someday so I saved it... So on Saturday Brett and I went looking for a very specific something made by Hobo at Nordstroms and I found it. And it was exactly $100!! Well $106 with tax. So this cost me $6 and I absolutely LOVE it! Normally i would not spend that much on a wallet but since it was practically free and the wallet I have been carrying around with me was bought at Walmart for $11, 4 years ago... I decided to go for it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's New...

I had a nice weekend with my family. Macy had a volleyball tournament up at the U of U so we got to watch her play. It was good to see her and get to spend a little time with her.
Yesterday we bought a washer and dryer. we were so lucky to find an almost brand new set on KSL. The people that were selling them had bought them a year ago and then won a brand new set at a home show at UVU last month. So we got an almost brand new set for $300. Steal of a deal. We had thought about just buying a new set instead of used- we were want them to last for a long time. So, We got super lucky. And I finally got to do laundry in my own house after living there a month without them.