Monday, June 27, 2011


Wow. I am 26.

Tonight we had a small get together at our house. My mom, Trevor & Elise and thier kids were all here and it was so fun. The girls enjoyed chasing the dogs around the house and running around int he backyard and the chocolate cake... Each of the girls brought me a balloon- it was sweet.


Baby Reed's Blessing Day

Sunday, Baby Reed was blessed. We went to Morgan to be there and then to Elise's mom's house after. I am so glad that my nieces and nephew are in town... they are the absolute cutest kids ever and I love that they love me. It was fun to play with them and just hug them... There will be a lot more of that in the coming week.


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Last weekend my sister decided to go camping for a few nights... She invite us to come up so, we went up for a night and camped with them. We had a lot of fun. We built a HUGE fire- (me and lyss are pyros) and then we played around with the camera and the fire :)

The next day, we rented a canoe for the day and took it up to Cauzey Reservoir. We had fun canoeing although I had a slight anxiety attack when we crammed all 4 of us into that canoe and took off into the water.... It was scary. But we didnt tip over.

I ended up getting pretty sunburned and it is just now healing...


Orem Summerfest

A couple of weeks ago, we drove down to our hometown to go to the festival that celebrates the wonderful city of Orem.... We basically went for the fireworks because they put on the best show I have ever seen. Some of my best memories are at Summerfest and this year we had a bunch of cousins and my siblings there to hang out with.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Quick Update from us...

Hi everyone!

Just thought I would let people know what is going on with us lately.

First, I got a new job to get me out of the house. I am a photographer at Kiddie Kandids in the Layton Hills Mall. I am really enjoying it. I would love to have my own studio someday so I am learning a lot and am going to be getting a lot of practice. :)

Brett is liking his job a lot. He is excelling and I am proud of the great job he is doing.

Ogden is growing on us a bit more. I do miss being so close to my mom but, we are getting used to it here and though we don't have friends here yet, we are getting used to it.

Plans for starting our family/kids joining our family have been put on hold for another 2 months.... we are waiting around and staying updated with court happenings and everything. We will know more in Aug.

The summer is finally here and we are really excited because there are some really fun things going on...
-Nate comes home in July
- Brett's other siblings will be visiting this summer
-Smith family reunion
-J0e's Valley Camping reunion