Monday, August 11, 2014

11 months

 11 months today! Judson has 2 teeth now. He crawls around the house at lightning speed, can pull himself up onto his knees and is as smiley as ever. I cant believe he is going to be a year old next month!!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Anavy's Baptism

 Anavy's baptism day was a very special day for our family. She was super excited to be baptized. She look absolutely gorgeous. Her uncle Kellen gave a talk just for her about baptism and the Holy Ghost and then she and her sisters sang the baptism song. It was cute. Her daddy baptized her and she pinched her nose too hard and her nose started bleeding and would not stop. I was in the dressing room with her for 15 mins trying to get it to stop and finally I had to shove a piece of tissue up her nostril and she had to be confirmed and finish up baptism program with that in. We had tons of people there to support her... there wasnt enough chairs for everyone in the baptismal font room. She is loved by so many people. It was a perfect night.