Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tis the season for Cookies!

Brett and I made Halloween Sugar cookies last night. I got this amazing recipe from a friend. We got the dough made and realized that we didn't have cookie cutters.... so we went to Walmart then Maceys then Albertsons... no one had them. So we just made circles and used our creative minds... It was a lot of fun. There are a lot of them so Brett is going to be delivering them to our families today.
Isnt he just so cute?
The finished products!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just Because :)

Its the best when you have had a long day at work, your back is killing you, you know you are going home to an empty house because your husband is working late and you find these on your kitchen counter.

I am the luckiest.

Painted Punkins

Its getting really close to Halloween and every year brett and I carve pumpkins. Last year we had a bad experience with our pumpkins rotting so fast that this year we decided to paint them... Who knew it would be so much fun.

Brett decided to do a pirate pumpkin...

And I decided to do a clown pumpkin. I found this old wig that we have had since I was really young in my mom's garage and it was perfect.

We always have a lot of fun doing our pumpkins every year! They turned out so cute.

As far as costumes go... I dont think we are doing anything this year.. Brett wanted to be Dwight Shrute from The Office... so he might still do that.. And if i have to, I can wear my hippy costume from last year... Last year we went to a friends halloween party so we HAD to come up with costumes but this year we dont have any plans... yet.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Las Vegas Weekend


After work on Thursday, Alyssa and I made our way down to St George. Brett's cousin Carrie opened her house up to us to stay there (even though they were not there) We got there around 8 at night and were greeted by their cute dog-- who was scared of us... She didn't bark at all, only crawled into her bed and curled up as if to hide from us.. We set up our bed in Carrie's daughters room.


The next morning we woke up and took off for Vegas. We got there a good while before our check in so we went to Walmart and drove around for a while. We checked in to our hotel and showered. We decided that we wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It was really good. Because we were staying in the hotel we got free passes to go to their dance club.. we thought we would check it out. It took us all of 5 minutes for us to realize that it wasn't fun so we decided to just go to bed. That night we were awakened by a party in the room next door at 3:30 am. After several calls to security and finally having a manager up in our room (about an hour) they were able to get our neighbors to quiet down so we could go to bed. We weren't very happy.


The next morning we decided to call the front desk to see if the party people next door would be there the next night too.. they told us that they were booked for another night so we asked to be moved. After talking to them about all that had happened the night before, they ended up moving us to a Jr Suite--
Brett and I had been to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef last year while we were in Vegas so I wanted to go there again. It is a really cool place. We got to touch the sting rays and see all kinds of cool animals. The night before we had put together a picture scavenger hunt. So we were taking all sorts of weird pictures all day but it was so fun and we laughed so hard all day.
After that we went back to the room. Alyssa has a test on Monday so she needed to do a bit of studying so we relaxed for a bit.
We went back to the strip when it got dark. We saw the water show at the Bellagio which was so romantic-- I missed Brett!! Then we went to the top of the Eiffel tower at the Paris Hotel. The view was amazing... and again I was missing Brett. We watched another water show from the top. After that we went to eat at a seafood buffet at the Rio which had crab which was amazing. By the end of that day we were exhausted and it was late so we went straight to bed.


We woke up this morning and packed our stuff and got on the road pretty early. We stopped in St George to have lunch and got home about 5. It was really good to get home and see my husband, I really missed him. But we had a blast and I am glad that I got to spend that tie with my sister.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Manti Trip

I left home on Saturday morning to go to see my sister Alyssa, who lives in Manti. She is in the nursing program at Weber State that is broadcast in Manti.
We went to the Snow College homecoming game and then went to dinner then watched Made of Honor and went to bed. I came home this morning. I had fun with her... although I did miss Brett a lot. We had the first snow of the season! It was so cold.
On the way home, I was almsot to Nephi and I was stopped by hundreds of sheep all over the road. They were everywhere and it took me 10 min to get by them. That whole place down there is farm country which I am not used to... But I had a fun time.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mimi's Mystery

My dog has quite an odd personality. One day she likes something- the next day she doesn't.
She love to take Brett's spot whenever she can-- If he gets up from anywhere she goes to that spot immediately (his chair, his side of the bed, etc...) If we would let her, she would sleep in what seems like the most uncomfortable positions- most of which are on top of us. She is needy and always wants attention. she is scared of every person in the world that she doesn't know- even kids but thinks that she could take on the biggest dogs around. She hates baths but she will lay there and let me brush her hair- even the tanglies for as long as i will. She is strange..

And the strangest thing is that I could never get her to like toys... at all. I have tried a number of different toys but they are always ignored and abandoned. BUT she found this pin cushion a few months ago. (I'm not even sure where she found it) But she loves this thing.. and for the first time ever she plays fetch with me-- sometimes for a half hour at a time. I'm not sure what it is about this pumpkin but she has a lot of fun with it. She even likes to sleep with it in her bed most nights. Why? Yeah I wonder that too. Just another quirky thing that she does I guess. Another guess is that she is going blind because she is so old (10 years) and she can see the orange really well... Who knew... a cotton filled pumpkin was all she wanted all along..:)

Talking to Tori

So, This week has been a busy one for me at work. Especially since my boss leaves me all alone to take care of everything. It is a bit stressful.

Yesterday, i was able to go out with Alana, my best friend. We went to dinner. It is always good to get to hang out with her.

Today, after a long day at work, I came home to find Brett and his brother Nate working on Brett's car. It has been broken, sitting in our driveway for about a month now. It has been hard only having one car. Luckily my little brother doesn't drive his car to school and Brett's dad and brother are always willing to help give him a ride to and from work. They still could not get the dang thing to work.. its annoying.

Then we booked our flights to and to and from St Louis. We are going out to visit Brett's brother Trevor and his family for thanksgiving. We are really excited to get to see them. We talked to Tori on the phone today for a while. She is such a funny girl. She kept saying.. "Watch! I eat it all gone!" Elise said that she was holding the phone up to her food like we could see through it or something-- i guess she wanted us to watch. We told her we were coming to see her at her house and she said "YEAH!" I love that little girl so so much... She told us all about how she is potty trained now and that she will get a barbie if she goes in the potty.. :) I hate that they live so far away. I miss all 3 of those girls so badly. I'm really glad that we are able to go out there and that they are opening their house up to us for 9 whole days.. I cant wait.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

a day with my sis

My sister Alyssa and I spent the day together today-- we went up to Salt Lake and went to the Body Worlds Exhibit. It was really cool. It is an anatomy exhibit that uses all real bodies that have been dissected and posed to show different parts of the body. Come to find out.. we were not supposed to take pictures but I didn't know that till close to the end so I got a few that are pretty cool.

Then we went to lunch and headed up to Ogden so I could meet her new boyfriends family. They are really nice. We made Carmel apples and hung out with Kellen's mom and sister for a little while when the boys left for the priesthood session.

I swear I am the absolute worst at following directions in the whole world. I think that Alyssa and I got lost at least ten times today and probably drove at least ten miles in the wrong direction. It is a bit frustrating because I hate getting lost but I always end up lost no matter how hard I try to listen and follow directions. I didn't help that I was not at all familiar with the Ogden area... and the one way roads in Salt Lake always mess me up.

Anyways.. We had a lot of fun together-- like we always do.