Saturday, May 31, 2008


This is our dog Mimi. I have had her in my family since I was 13. The kids in my family are growing up and there was no one to really take care of her at my moms house so Brett and I decided to adopt her. We love having her. She gets pretty jealous when I am giving Brett all my attention and not giving her any. She is a little spoiled.

Today I gave her a bath. I have been meaning to take a picture of her after her bath forever now cause she is cute and today I did it. She doesn't sit still for pictures so I don't have many good ones. But this is her all wet. She hates the bath and its a battle once a week to get her in. After her bath she usually stays away from me-- that's her way of telling me she is mad at me. But she gets over it and smells a lot better!

I took her camping last weekend with my family up Ogden Canyon. She had a lot of fun there. My Uncle has a bigger dog that is really sweet and calm. Mimi was terrified at first. About 4 years ago, Mimi got attacked by a pit bull. It was pretty bad and she almost died. After a few surgeries and stitches and a lot of healing she was back to normal but never has gotten over her fear of other dogs. (rightfully so)

Our Kiosk

Roclistic Lifestyle Clothing has been up and running in the mall for almost 2 months now. We are doing great. The center of the kiosk is just wood squares and our shirts wrapped around them. We are excited to come out with our new collection of shirts in the next few weeks and they are awesome. We are also sponsors of Orem Summerfest on June 13-14 so we will have a booth there by the carnival.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Hi there!

I have had my own blog for a year or so but I think its time to have a family one. I was using the other one for both but I like the idea of having my personal stuff be separate then our fun family stuff!!

So whats new with us lately? Not a whole lot. I am working for Crate Paper ( a scrapbook paper manufacturer and wholesaler) and I like it a lot! I have been her for about 8 months. Brett quit his job at Sprinkler World last month so we could open our own store in the Provo Towne Center Mall selling our clothing line. It has been a journey with that but we are excited about where it is going. Brett is also working with real estate investing and such which is going good as well.

We are planning our big trip out to California next month. We bought those southern California passes that get you 3 days at Disneyland, one day at Universal Studios, One day at the San Diego Zoo and one day at Sea World. We are leaving on June 20th. That will be a lot of fun and a vacation that we both need.

That's all for now.. I will keep this updated with new happenings in our lives.