Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday we gathered a bunch of family and a few friends and played volleyball at the church. My family is really into volleyball and a lot played in high school and even college. We had such a good time. We played for about 3 hours and today I am feeling really sore.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Andrew's photo shoot

Mandi and her family are moving to Columbia MO this week. They are packing up their truck tomorrow and leaving early Thursday morning. We will go tomorrow night and say goodbye to them. Now all of my nieces and nephews will be far far way in Missouri... what am i to do??? We are sad to see them go but I know they will do great there. We will just have to visit more often.

Yesterday I was able to do a mini photo shoot with Andrew my littlest nephew. His chubby cheeks are so cute!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Brett and I have a few changes coming about in our lives and its about time we share our news on my public blog.
First of all, I am going back to school this fall... I will be going part time and I have registered for classes, but since it is so late, I got waitlisted on the few that i really want to take. Hopefully a spot will open up in those. After talking a lot with Brett, I have decided to change my major from social work, to graphic design and photography-- so technically I am an ART major... strange. I was just think ing about it and I am passionate and creative with photos and crafts and I would want to do this job even when i have a family and i want to learn those skills anyway so why not study them in school.
In order for me to go to school, I need to quit my job. School for me is hard. It needs to be something I do full time with no other distractions. I have tried to work and go to school and that semester, I failed out of my classes. It was too hard.

Brett and I had a meeting with a social worker a few weeks ago. She came to hour home to talk to us about the foster/adoptive care coalition. We have filled out paperwork and will be attending our first class today. To get certified you need to take 8 classes- they are 4 hour classes twice a week for a month. Our last class is on Aug 4th and then they will do a home study and as soon as our house looks good then they can place children in our home. The classes teach you all about fostering children as well as how to deal with certain issues children face with abuse and abandonment. I have thought I wanted to do foster care for a really long time. The thought of helping kids that seriously need a stable and loving home has always appealed to me. I'm excited to get some experience as a mom and to help kids. We have room in out home for 2 kids of the same gender ages 0-6. If the parents of these kids loose rights, the foster family is asked if they would like to adopt the child. Children could be in homes for up to 12 months in Utah before this happens but sometimes quicker.

So that is what is new with us. Our lives are about to take a step in a new direction which is really cool. We are really grateful to have such a supportive family. Everyone is so happy for us. We are really excited about the changes that are happening in our lives.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

River Rafting

Saturday was my brother on law's birthday-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLEN!!! We drove up to Odgen to go to his party on Friday night. It was at my sisters house and we had pizza and visited and then drove right back home. It was my sisters first party that she planned... good job Lyss!

Saturday they came down and we went to float down the Provo River. We stopped to say goodbye to Macy who was on her way back through going home from her honeymoon.
The river was a good time. It was sunny most of the time. Brett, Kellen and myself fell in the river twice each. Alyssa was able to stay dry. It was really fun.
After the river we went to eat dinner at Terre Mia in Orem over by the mall. It was actually really good... Brett, Lyss and Kellen had pasta and I had a pesto pizza. The gelato desert was amazing. Then we went to see How to Train Your Dragon at the dollar theaters. It was so cute and made me want my own Toothless. Brett said I can have one if I could find one. :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stadium of fire 2010

Last night Brett and I went to the Stadium of Fire at the BYU Football stadium. It was a really fun experience. My brother Dallin was one of the flag carriers for the flag ceremony. You can see him in the picture peaking his head around his flag :) There were several performers and then Carrie Underwood got on stage and sang for almost an hour. She was awesome. We had really good seats. We were on the 6th row from the field and in the center of the stage across the stadium so we could see the stage straight on. The fireworks show was incredible. I love fireworks and I have never seen anything come close to the fireworks show they put on. It was great and we had so much fun.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quarter Century

I turned 25 last week... wow I'm getting old. I spent my birthday driving home from Montana for 7 hours and then spent 2 hours that evening in the emergency room... fun huh?? Not the best birthday ever but Brett did get me Stadium of Fire tickets for my birthday which we are going to tonight. i am very excited- but i still feel old.


Nieces, nieces everywhere and a couple of nephews too....

Trevor and Elise have been in town the last week. It wasn't the greatest week to be able to be out and about and spent a ton of time with them because of my surgery but we did get over there in the evenings and got to spend some time with them. Those girls just make me smile. They are the cutest things you will ever see. They left last night and it was sad to see them go.