Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ugh. Packing is terrible. We spent the entire day in our pjs but it was not relaxing. Kitchen, office/scrapbook room, garage/ under the house, master closet all done. We have to get the rest done tomorrow because Brett has school Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday nights and will be sleeping at my sisters those nights and we load the truck Thursday. We got about 50 boxes from Walmart last weekend and we are going to have to get up early and go over there tomorrow to get more because we used then all already. Good news is that we have been throwing things out all day too.... garbage, recycle bin and a few boxes to go to DI are all full. We have too much stuff.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Move- updated

The move to Ogden is proving to have a few more bumps in the road than we would like. We found the PERFECT place. It is right off the street that Bretts work is just 2 miles down the road and it is a mile from my sisters house. It is a newer townhouse- built in 2009, 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths plus a small loft. It has a garage and a backyard for the dogs and a patio for Brett and his barbecue grill. And the best part.... it is cheaper than what we are paying for our Lehi place and the deposit is very reasonable.
Now the bumpy part: It is currently occupied by a family. They put in their notice a while ago and had said that they would be out by the 15th of March and then we old move in on the 26th... at least that is hopefully the plan. They said later that they might not be out till the end of the month. The management company of the house has been trying to get a hold of them all weekend to get a concrete date and they are being avoided which makes me nervous... I just want them to get out so we can get in. It really is perfect and we have not found anything even close to what this place is so we are willing to wait but not knowing a for sure date makes it harder to make plans. We have to be out of our place by the end of this month... the latest we could move out and in would be April 2nd. In the mean time, Brett is commuting to Ogden everyday for work until we do move in so the sooner the better.

This week, my sister and her husband went to Las Vegas for spring break and left us thier house. So that way Brett doesnt have to drive from Lehi to work this week. I am a bit bored. My homework is done and I am left to spend my spring break alone until 5. But if I wasnt up here I would most likely be spending it alone at my house until 7 after Brett drives all the way back. So we get some more time together and save a ton of gas money.

UPDATE: So heard back from the townhouse management today. She said that the tenants will be out by the 31st. But so do we so that's a bit of a crunch. So we will most likely have to stay at my moms for a few days while the house gets cleaned. They said we could move in on the 6th at the latest but we are hoping we can move all the stuff into the garage on the 31st. But this place is worth it.

Today is Brett's 3rd day at his new job. He really likes it there- his favorite part is hat the breakroom is always stocked with snacks and there is a Mt Dew fountain drink machine. :) He is basically just learning all about the company and just doing what he is told for now.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big news- Update

Hello friends & family!

No we are not pregnant :) but I thought it was about time for an update from us. Things are going pretty great here. The biggest news is that Brett will be graduating with his masters degree in a month and a half. 1.5 months!!!! I can't believe this chapter of our lives is just about over. I am so excited and Brett obviously is even more excited than me. It will be nice to have evenings with my husband again. I will be throwing a party for him which will be on Friday, April 15th in Orem. But I will send more info about that later. Brett has been doing interviews with accounting firms and companies for the last couple months. It has been a long process with a few disappointments. Today we had a really happy moment. He got a job offer for a company in Ogden called JD Clark & Co. They do accounting and administration for hedge fund investments. He doesn't know much about it yet. He starts work on the 14th. So that means that we are moving to Ogden. We are starting to look for a place and hoped to get moved up there in a few weeks or so. My sister and her husband also live in Ogden so it will be nice to be close to them.

As for me, I am still loving school. I switched my major so that now I am a graphic design and photography double major. After looking at it, the classes required are not that different and I have done some classes for one major that can be used also for the other and the other way around- plus I really love photography and design. So, I am doing a lot of digital stuff this semester and I really love it. Other than school, I am doing some photography on the side- including a wedding coming up in 2 months. fun :) I am learning a lot and still loving my new camera. I will finish up the semester at UVU and commute down after we move for my classes twice a week. After that, the plan is that I will transfer to Weber State and continue my education up there.

Brett and I have a much needed vacation planned for the end of April. We will be in Northern California for the wedding and after we are staying a few days and going to San Fransisco. It will be a week after graduation for him so it will be really fun to get away for a few days. Hopefully his new job will let him have the time off... if not, then we will make it work another time. :)