Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It is still pretty unbelievable that I am actually going to have a baby- like actually give birth to a child of my own. Especially now that the morning sickness and fatigue have pretty much gone away and I am not constantly reminded by my nausea, I catch myself remembering- Oh yeah, I'm pregnant. Its still just really crazy.

I am in my 17th week. Tiny human is the size of an avocado or the palm of my hand.  More than 1/3 of the way through. We have made a lot of decisions but still have a lot ahead and a lot to do to be ready to be parents of an infant.

I decided to stick with the OBGYN that I principally went to to find out what was wrong with me. We shared that moment when I found out I was pregnant. I met with a couple of midwives, but I really like my OB. I have gotten myself a birth doula/ birth coach. She is is also the teacher of the HypnoBirthing classes we will be taking to prepare for our hopefully non medicated, natural birth. I never thought I would be wanting that for myself, but this will be my only childbirth and I want it to be perfect.

We find out the gender of the baby tonight. when thinking about it, Brett and I had no questions about it that we definitely wanted a boy. I have also pictured my future with a girl. That would be fun also. So, either way, I am happy. I am just excited to be able to start making some decisions that require gender knowledge. :)

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