Friday, November 16, 2012

Sealing Announcements

It is coming up so quickly. In 1 month my family will be sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. It will be a beautiful day and one of the greatest moments our family will ever have. Excited to have my girls forever.

There will be a party (open house) that evening in Orem... all of you are invited (since this is a private blog, I can say that ) We can't wait- that day will be amazing!

If any of you have not received one of these and want one of these announcements in the mail- I will gladly do that- just let me know

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


 The snow is here... and it snowed a ridiculous amount in a day. It happened to start snowing just a few hours after we finished bagging up all the leaves.  The girls love it, the dog loves it, I love it too. (now that the roads are dry)



 Fall came really fast this year. We have about 30 trees at our house and that means TONS of leaves. The kids had so much fun! Us on the other hand, spent 6 hours blowing, rakeing, and bagging leaves... no fun.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

wheeler farm

I went to wheeler farm for a photo shoot for my cousin's son and I had to bring my younger 2 girls with me. They played around while I was working and after we were done, we walked through and saw the animals.


Macy's game

Macy came to play Weber State for the very last time last week. She is a senior and will be graduating It was good to see her and the girls just love her. They were saying for hour after- I miss my Macy.

Happy Halloween!

 Halloween was  very excited around here. Pumpkin carving was fun thi s year- last year we painted and did stickers but we did carving. Savannah hated touching the guts but eventually came around to it. They were so proud of those pumpkins.

The girls were bugs- Bee, Butterfly and Lady Bug.
I dressed them all up in their costumes and painted their faces, we headed out to the halloween party at Brett's work. They had lots of kid games, a pinata, food, and lots of candy for the girls. They had such a great time. Then we went over to Trevor & Elise's house (Brett's brother and sister in law) We had yummy soup and got all ready to go out. It was so fun for my girls to be able to trick or treat with their cousins. They got plenty of candy- way to much candy that it will probably be around all year or when I throw it away. :)