Tuesday, June 11, 2013

my family

On Sunday, we headed down to Laguna Beach to take family pictures. My family makes me so happy!! Then we went over to Laguna Niguel to spend some time with Brett's Aunt and Uncle and their family. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see them!


1st time at the beach

Saturday, we did a beach day. My kids had never seen the ocean before and it was a bit intimidating i think but they had a good time. Savannah was a bit scared of the water so she just stayed in the sand. The other 2 put their feet in. We didnt stay too long but it was a good experience.


Disneyland Day 1

We have been planning this vacation forever! We were so excited to finally be able to take our girls to Disneyland. We had just got our new car a few weeks before which ended up being the best thing ever!! We were so comfy and the kids were so good in the car!

new suitcases for the trip
 We finally made it and Day 1 at disneyland was wonderful. Brett was not familiar with the kids parts of disneyland at all so we explored fantasy land our first day. The kids were in heaven.



Anavy gets a haircut

Anavy has been begging me for a haircut for  months. I finally caved and took her to a salon to get it cut. She cut about 7 inches off and it actually looks very cute. Now Khloe is begging me for a haircut....



I love spending easter with my family. My memories of easter were easter egg hunts with my cousins and I am so glad my girls get to do the same. 

my girls in their easter dresses